At the client’s request we carry out the foundation laying work all over the world.


The frame is built by our or the customer's individual project, but the price doesn't change because of that, since it is calculated based on the log wall quadrature.
All our processed logs are impregnated with natural impregnant from flax seeds. For sealing and thermal insulation of logs the client can choose natural material from:
a) flax fiber strips;
b) sheep wool.


For a log house it is best to choose a heavy roof.
As a cheaper, but good option we offer a concrete tile or concrete slate.

We perform the following roofing works:
a) mounting of the entire wooden roof structure;
b) thermal insulation;
c) internal and external roof forging;
d) machining of the chimney;
e) mounting of rain gutters.

We lay: slate, bituminous coating, tile. We also perform a green roof mounting works.

4Grinding / Painting

We carry out the grinding and the painting of internal and external walls. We recommend that clients refuse the grinding of external walls. Grinded wood absorbs less paint, thereby reducing at the same time the initial cost and the durability of the paint.

5Windows / Doors

Before mounting of windows and doors in your new log house at each opening the sliding system has to be made. This is followed by the mounting of windows / doors. At the client‘s request the mounting of platbands and window sills is carried out. You can order handmade doors, platbands and window sills.


In a log house electrical equipment is installed in the floor and inside the log walls.

7Heating / Sewerage

One of the simplest and most efficient heating systems is underfloor heating on the first floor; on the second floor - radiators.
When planning the place for a bathroom on the second floor of your house, we advise to plan this place in the same location, as on the first floor.


On the ground floor it is most convenient to lay tile, on the second - wooden floor.